Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Does Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia Work On Onlays And Inlays?

One of the oft-used cosmetic dentist techniques in Philadelphia is onlays and inlays. Instead of dental full coverage crowns, many dentists and their patients use this conservative alternative. This is a dental restorative procedure. Another name for this is indirect filling. These are long lasting, strong and well fitting reparative solution for tooth damage or decay. From both functional and aesthetic points of view, such restoration proves beneficial for the patients.

Instead of dental traditional fillings, use of onlays and inlays offer a better choice for dealing with the structural damage of tooth. During dental visits, the dentist will mould these fillings in place. They fabricate these structures indirectly at the dental laboratories. After this, cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia will fit them inside your mouth. They will bond it to the damaged tooth. This process is inlay when the dentist bond material within tooth center. The alternative procedure is onlay where the damage extent is more severe.

This process involves the inclusion of single or multiple cusps or tooth points. Alternatively, the dentist may consider biting surface full coverage. A number of benefits associated with such dental restorative procedures make them highly popular among both patients and the cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. Some of the major ones are as follows.

•    Superior Fit: by opting for this procedure, the dentist will be able to preserve substantial amounts of healthy teeth. This becomes a preferable procedure where the extent of damage or decay of the tooth is minimal to moderate extending into flossing area. Instead of the full crown coverage, this always offers a better alternate to the patients.

•    Safeguard of tooth structure: preserve maximum structure of your healthy tooth restoring damaged and decayed areas. This way, you can have assured functional longevity of teeth according to your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

•    Cleaning becomes easy: maintaining oral hygiene is the most crucial part of healthy teeth. In comparison to restorative full coverage alternative, cleaning your onlays and inlays is always easy. The fit remains tailored to edges with minimal preparation requirements. Cleaning dental crowns is not that easy. Also, during curing process, composite fillings may shrink. This is not the case with gold or prefabricated porcelain material.

•    Perfect teeth sealants: instead of composite direct fillings, inlays are better options for treating cavities. They seal the teeth in a way that bacteria do not get a chance to penetrate. With easy cleaning options, they are also resistant to stains. As a result, the patients may enjoy teeth health long term.

•    Stability and strength: this is another benefit of onlays and inlays according to your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. They are restorative extremely stable solutions. They are most useful in treating decay of teeth. Durability of the material with superior fit makes this a stable choice capable of strengthening damaged tooth.

With plenty of advantages, it is best to get treated by an experienced cosmetic dentist that excels at these procedures. For more information visit Our Website

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