Thursday, February 16, 2017

Does The Natural Approach of Holistic Dentist Philadelphia Work?

With the world of medicine and surgery exhibiting dramatic transitions and evolving methodologies of medicine, dentists are treading the holistic path of treatment. Here, you have a conscious perception and understanding of the fact that only a proper and austere lifestyle embedded with medicines can lead to a permanent solution of dental woes. The ambit of dental care also subscribes to this fact. It’s no longer confined to a thought as you can find actions taking place all over different fields of dentistry. With a Holistic Dentist in Philadelphia, you have a more detailed and physical-oriented cure.

The basic aspects

The incorporation of surgical modalities, tools and similar equipment are gradually integrating with a more holistic way of healing. Inducing core values and knowledge is the main lookout in this context. When it comes to traditional values laced with top-class techniques and expertise, a Holistic Dentist in Philadelphia deserved special mention. They were the first to initiate this mode of treatment where the complete health of the body was considered. People are opting for it more because holistic way includes an entire overhaul of life, implying that not only it addresses the core problem, but also helps you to prevent such things from cropping up in the future.

Things that start

The reputed dentists take time to evaluate a case. They take their time to know your physical condition and medical history. A holistic treatment is primarily based on your lifestyle, personal preferences, food habits, budget and so on. You’ll find that majority of the dental clinics in this area offer good financing options. They ride on the back of competitive and affordable pricing slabs.

The first approach

There’s a dedicated staff who guides you throughout the healthcare financing or credit mechanism. This process entails no amount of financing pertaining to the interest for a particular period of 6-12 months. You should remember that the concerned facilities accept dental insurance and credit cards to match your comfort and convenience in living and paying. Right from the outset, you need to bear in mind that holistic approach starts with a very personalized setup in dental care. There is a seasoned Holistic Dentist in Philadelphia never admonishes you for your oral care but incorporates a healthy regimen to ensure that teeth are safe. The main idea is to make patients comfortable and relaxed. Until and unless you feel relaxed, the treatment cannot start.

About the treatment

A Holistic Dentist in Philadelphia successfully combines modern practice and cutting-edge tools with traditional values to design a complete package for you.  You have both customized and personalized treatment options that enable you to choose your treatments without being pressurized or coerced. With a proven and enviable track record of treating small and large dental problems on a successful note, the holistic dentists can create a comfortable treatment plan wherein they furnish patients with all required knowledge and tools needed to thwart dental problems in the future. Visit Here: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Few Fascinating Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry In Philadelphia

People put an amazing amount of value on their teeth, as it matters in the overall appearance. To succeed both socially as well as professionally you need to have a healthy and a nice smile. Therefore, it is necessary to have a beautiful set of teeth. This has caused a tremendous boom in Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia in the last few years. More and more people are undergoing such treatment to mend their teeth and to look beautiful. Therefore you must know the facts about cosmetic dentistry to make an educated decision before fixing an appointment with a qualified dentist.

Age Old Treatment Procedure

Cosmetic dentistry has age old procedures dating back to the Roman era. Oral hygiene and a beautiful smile found importance since then. In the following centuries, it has developed manifolds to reach to the modern advancements of Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia to use dental veneers and other abutments. Previously like in the period of Etruscan around 700 BC, use of dentures made from ivory was very popular and to fill missing teeth they used crowns made of gold as well. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that cosmetic dentistry has evolved in the recent years. It has only developed for the better.

Decay And Discoloration 

Tooth decay and discoloration are the two basic reasons for people to visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia to discuss the type of cosmetic dentistry to avail. You may be suggested that permanent dentures and teeth whitening are very good and most effective ways to prevent as well as reverse decay and discoloration of teeth. The primary reason for such decay and discoloration of your tooth may be your eating habits and consumption of soda regularly. Study says that if you consume three glasses of soda or more than that a day, you have around sixty percent chance of tooth loss and decay as compared to those who do not.

Veneers Protect Tooth Enamel

The veneers used by the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia during treatment can protect the natural element of your teeth. These are thin caps made of ceramic which are placed over your teeth by the dentist. It is true that the tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body but still it can wear away due to several factors, behavioral and environmental reasons. The hour long teeth whitening process is most favored by the patients to get immediate results but to avoid such unwanted wear and tear veneers are the best solution, and it also enhances the face value.

Investment For Future

It is universally accepted that your smile never changes no matter how old you become and whatever physical changes your body undergoes. Therefore, if you invest in cosmetic dentistry, it is for the future. It is art along with science to revitalize and remodel your smile which requires continuous learning and specialized training to get the proper result.   A good smile not only enhances the face value but also helps in reducing stress, stay happy, establish a better relationship and much more. For more information visit Our Website

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Discover The Smile of Your Dream With A Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia

A smile is a quintessential and integral part of you. A nice, endearing smile can please everyone around you. With a damaged teeth or misshapen teeth can affect your personality and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry is that magical touch that can restore your smile and self-confidence. You can win hearts both at workplace and society. A Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia helps in improving your appearance and boosting confidence. They have an array of procedures and treatment options that can provide the smile that you crave. Besides, good oral hygiene and health come as an additional affirmative in this regard.

The streamlined operations

Deep bleaching is the longest and most effective one amongst the cosmetic methods at home. The patented technology helps in delivering amazing results. For those preferring to do it at their own convenience, the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia create vivid customized bleaching containers or trays for you for whitening at home. You just need to pour the concerned gel into the customized mouth trays. The zoom-in method is one of the quickest and safest ones and constitutes extreme makeover.
If you want to improve your smile’s symmetry or wish to have straighter and whiter teeth, dental veneer works best. You have natural looking and customized veneers obtained from porcelain that close undesirable gaps, lengthening worn teeth, whiten teeth, improve and rejuvenate your smile.

Your customized options

Cosmetic Dentistry specialists in Philadelphia, constitute the massive field with an array of procedures. Each one is tailored to bolster your teethes appearance and enhance that smile. Regular cosmetic procedures at these dental clinics include gum shaping, teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, veneers and their placement. The seasoned dentists sit with you to discuss your individual needs. They design and shape a smile makeover for you. You have a variety of teeth whitening choices here. You get that extra pop to pump your facial countenance. The concerned dentists use deep bleaching, zoom-in bleaching for office and at-home whitening.

Cherish that smile

A smile makeover is one of the most acclaimed features of Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia. There are many options here to transform a bland smile dramatically. The dentists combine gum symmetries, lip lines, facial feature to design that perfect smile. It invariably enhances these features with fine phonetics and functionality. This form of dentistry is an aesthetic art blended with science. This procedure might entail crowns and veneers. It covers tooth color, alignment, spacing, missing teeth, uneven, chipped or cracked teeth, and tooth proportions and length.

About the main process

The dentists provide you with ‘before and after’ photos that instill a clear insight into the cosmetic treatment. The concerned dentists also discuss how the veneers operate to restore your smile. On some occasions, they even provide digital image of what the smile can possibly look like. You have trained dentists who perform cosmetic gum contouring and gummy smile for those having excessive tissue in the gums. This treatment is called Gingivectomy. The cosmetic procedure entails a soft tissue laser. The dentists discuss all options during and after the procedure. The dentists mark the exact gum tissue and ensure that you are comfortable with sedation dentistry before gently sculpting the excess tissue. This beautifies and enlivens your smile. For more information visit here: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Does Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia Work On Onlays And Inlays?

One of the oft-used cosmetic dentist techniques in Philadelphia is onlays and inlays. Instead of dental full coverage crowns, many dentists and their patients use this conservative alternative. This is a dental restorative procedure. Another name for this is indirect filling. These are long lasting, strong and well fitting reparative solution for tooth damage or decay. From both functional and aesthetic points of view, such restoration proves beneficial for the patients.

Instead of dental traditional fillings, use of onlays and inlays offer a better choice for dealing with the structural damage of tooth. During dental visits, the dentist will mould these fillings in place. They fabricate these structures indirectly at the dental laboratories. After this, cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia will fit them inside your mouth. They will bond it to the damaged tooth. This process is inlay when the dentist bond material within tooth center. The alternative procedure is onlay where the damage extent is more severe.

This process involves the inclusion of single or multiple cusps or tooth points. Alternatively, the dentist may consider biting surface full coverage. A number of benefits associated with such dental restorative procedures make them highly popular among both patients and the cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. Some of the major ones are as follows.

•    Superior Fit: by opting for this procedure, the dentist will be able to preserve substantial amounts of healthy teeth. This becomes a preferable procedure where the extent of damage or decay of the tooth is minimal to moderate extending into flossing area. Instead of the full crown coverage, this always offers a better alternate to the patients.

•    Safeguard of tooth structure: preserve maximum structure of your healthy tooth restoring damaged and decayed areas. This way, you can have assured functional longevity of teeth according to your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia.

•    Cleaning becomes easy: maintaining oral hygiene is the most crucial part of healthy teeth. In comparison to restorative full coverage alternative, cleaning your onlays and inlays is always easy. The fit remains tailored to edges with minimal preparation requirements. Cleaning dental crowns is not that easy. Also, during curing process, composite fillings may shrink. This is not the case with gold or prefabricated porcelain material.

•    Perfect teeth sealants: instead of composite direct fillings, inlays are better options for treating cavities. They seal the teeth in a way that bacteria do not get a chance to penetrate. With easy cleaning options, they are also resistant to stains. As a result, the patients may enjoy teeth health long term.

•    Stability and strength: this is another benefit of onlays and inlays according to your cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia. They are restorative extremely stable solutions. They are most useful in treating decay of teeth. Durability of the material with superior fit makes this a stable choice capable of strengthening damaged tooth.

With plenty of advantages, it is best to get treated by an experienced cosmetic dentist that excels at these procedures. For more information visit Our Website

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Does Being A Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia Involve?

Cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia performs a host of procedures right from the most complex to the simplest ones. The aim behind these is improvement of oral health. Options and techniques regarding this are many that deal effectively with misshapen, broken, yellowed, chipped, and missing teeth. The dentist can perform a host of functions namely,
·         close spaces
·         reshape teeth
·         alter teeth length
·         restore short, worn teeth 

Procedures performed by cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia include bonding, reshaping, crowns, bleaching, veneers, and contouring. Besides being cosmetic, the procedures also help with the functional aspect of your oral health. This includes improvement of bite and speech. 

Bleaching of teeth

Yellowed and discolored teeth tend to make you self-conscious and take away your confidence. It does not allow you to smile or speak openly. You are forever conscious of the state of your teeth and so your social life suffers. This does not have to be because cosmetic dentistry has a host of whitening solutions these days. Besides the DIY kits available in the market, procedures at the dentist chamber are quite common. Over the counter kits may be popular but most often do not give the desired results. For uniform and long-standing results cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia offers the perfect solutions. 


Another name for these is caps. The functions of these add on for the teeth are restoration of original appearance and shape. While this tends to be a time consuming and comparatively expensive procedure this provides long term benefits to the users. In comparison to all the other restoration procedures commonly done by the dentist this one is most durable. This justifies everything else. 


For slightly chipped and decayed teeth, the dentist may decide to use the resin bonding material that resembles the appearance of your teeth. This way it is possible to restore the original look of your teeth for the times to come. It requires only single visit to cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia and offers long-standing results. Here one should know that the bonding material is susceptible to chipping and staining so you need to be careful regarding them. For filling up small cavities, this is quite popular and dentists use these teeth colored material. 


For changing the teeth shape and color, the dentist may use plastic or porcelain pieces on the teeth surface. These are ideal cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia procedures for treating oddly shaped, chipped, discolored, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. For this, the dentist will seldom apply anesthesia. They will first take tooth impression followed by slight buffing as well. This is to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Custom made, direct cementing of veneer to the tooth occurs. They will use light beam for instant hardening. 

And if you are getting an implant, it is imperative that you arrange for the finance beforehand as these dental procedures are quite expensive. Hence, it would be best to get an accurate estimate from your dentist and contact your insurance company to ensure that the financial aspect is sorted out. Visit Here: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia Adds to a Brighter Smile

Do take note of the interesting figures that the American Academy dealing with the cosmetic dentistry puts forth. According to the research-based analysis, ninety-two percent of the Americans give due importance to an appealing smile because the latter happens to be an important social asset. While seventy-four percent of the population believes that a lusterless unappealing smile is injurious to the career success; eighty-five percent are of the opinion that you become uninteresting to your partner (opposite sex) with a dull and an unappealing smile. But now that you have the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia, at your arm’s reach, you can think of restoring the appeal of your colorless smile.
New way to smiling

The facility applies and implements the smile makeover process. As a result, you can think of putting on your special smile, one that you have always longed for. The Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia Center believes in focusing its attention on the way you smile. It is just not the question of dealing with your teeth but the prospects of giving a new twist and turn to the way you smile. First, the dentists up there in the Philadelphia-based Center assesses if your smile needs a makeover. Then, it sets the makeover process on the course. The specialist orthodontists believe in highlighting the natural exuberance of your smile. In view of this, they evaluate the kind of treatment that your situation needs.

Details of tooth whitening

In most of the cases, tooth whitening is the solution to increasing the brightness of your smile. The Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia uses two different kinds of teeth whitening method. In one of the processes, a customized tray for bleaching is used. In the second methods, the dentists use and implement the zooming techniques. The latter doesn’t take more than an hour to complete. The dentists also make it a point to provide you with bleaching gel and custom-made trays so that you can use these while you return home. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the customized process of bleaching needs to be repeated quite a number of times. So, the dentist provides you with the necessary tools so that you can make home-based use of the same.

The essential techniques

Usage and introduction of porcelain veneers, implantation of the cosmetic crowns, and insertion of bridges and that of the natural-colored fillings (tooth colored) instead of the metallic fillings are some of the important aspects of the cosmetic dentistry process. In the course of endowing you smile with a new look and luster, the dental facility makes it a point to use high-grade tools and techniques. Consequently, the smile that you get is not merely high in quality, but it also serves your long-term purpose.

Understand the basics

Before you undertake any of the cosmetic dental processes, or before you think of getting a smile makeover, it is important to build your perspective. In other words, it is necessary to learn how the said makeover is going to serve your case. You also need to know what all preparations to take. So do fix up a prior appointment with the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia so that you can understand the fundamental deals and details of the smile changeover process. To read more Click Here

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Can You Achieve A Perfect Smile By Cosmetic Dentistry In Philadelphia

If you want to gain the confidence of a perfect and unforgettable smile in your personal as well as professional life, visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia,who can enhance you beauty and good looks with his skill. You can scan through a list of the most reputed dentists and review their profiles on the internet to do a comparative study before your final selection. The choice should be based on a thorough research on the background, experience, and training of the dentist.
Attributes of a good cosmetic dentist

Moreover, the dentist should have a humane and caring approach towards you, and care for you as a person as well as a patient, who will make you feel safe and comfortable. Since communication between doctor and client is the key to achieving your goal of getting the perfect smile, the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia should have excellent skills in understanding your requirements and explaining the procedure clearly so that all your doubts are resolved. Cosmetic dentistry is not a regular tooth job and therefore, requires a lot of superior skills. The dentist you choose should have the eye of an artist to visualize the makeover and take into consideration your overall physical so that he can plan his treatment procedure accordingly. Only then, you can achieve your perfect smile.

Success stories act as testimonials

You can review the before and after photographs of some of the complicated treatment procedures performed by the Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia you have selected, which gives you a clearer picture of his capability and increase your confidence level. Also, go through the success stories of patients, which act as testimonials to prove the credentials of the dental professional. Remember, ethical doctors enhance the integrity and reputation of any medical practitioner or even the medical fraternity by rendering the best treatment at a reasonable price and complete transparency during the procedure. So choose wisely and get that perfect smile makeover that you always desired.

Technologically advanced dental equipment

While opting for Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia, you must remember that the procedure is very expensive, and hence, it is imperative that you complete the entire insurance procedure beforehand so that the financial angle is taken care of. The clinic of your choice should offer comfort, quality, and excellence in their service, and be equipped with the latest technologically advanced dental equipment. It should have highly trained and skilled dental professionals who regularly upgrade their skills to remain updated on any new discoveries and advancements in cosmetic dentistry to offer you the highest quality dentistry.

Different reasons for cosmetic dentistry

There are different reasons why people opt for cosmetic dentistry which includes replacement of a broken or fractured tooth by an implant or the replacement of a crown or filling which has come out accidentally. Some people in the fashion industry might go for cosmetic dentistry just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their face and to look beautiful with a radiant smile. Whatever be the reason, you must always ensure that your cosmetic dentist should have an artistic eye and the technical expertise to give you the best makeover. To read more Click Here