Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What Does Being A Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia Involve?

Cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia performs a host of procedures right from the most complex to the simplest ones. The aim behind these is improvement of oral health. Options and techniques regarding this are many that deal effectively with misshapen, broken, yellowed, chipped, and missing teeth. The dentist can perform a host of functions namely,

·         close spaces
·         reshape teeth
·         alter teeth length
·         restore short, worn teeth 

Procedures performed by cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia include bonding, reshaping, crowns, bleaching, veneers, and contouring. Besides being cosmetic, the procedures also help with the functional aspect of your oral health. This includes improvement of bite and speech. 

Bleaching of teeth

Yellowed and discolored teeth tend to make you self-conscious and take away your confidence. It does not allow you to smile or speak openly. You are forever conscious of the state of your teeth and so your social life suffers. This does not have to be because cosmetic dentistry has a host of whitening solutions these days. Besides the DIY kits available in the market, procedures at the dentist chamber are quite common. Over the counter kits may be popular but most often do not give the desired results. For uniform and long-standing results cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia offers the perfect solutions. 


Another name for these is caps. The functions of these add on for the teeth are restoration of original appearance and shape. While this tends to be a time consuming and comparatively expensive procedure this provides long term benefits to the users. In comparison to all the other restoration procedures commonly done by the dentist this one is most durable. This justifies everything else. 


For slightly chipped and decayed teeth, the dentist may decide to use the resin bonding material that resembles the appearance of your teeth. This way it is possible to restore the original look of your teeth for the times to come. It requires only single visit to cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia and offers long-standing results. Here one should know that the bonding material is susceptible to chipping and staining so you need to be careful regarding them. For filling up small cavities, this is quite popular and dentists use these teeth colored material. 


For changing the teeth shape and color, the dentist may use plastic or porcelain pieces on the teeth surface. These are ideal cosmetic dentistry in Philadelphia procedures for treating oddly shaped, chipped, discolored, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. For this, the dentist will seldom apply anesthesia. They will first take tooth impression followed by slight buffing as well. This is to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Custom made, direct cementing of veneer to the tooth occurs. They will use light beam for instant hardening. 

And if you are getting an implant, it is imperative that you arrange for the finance beforehand as these dental procedures are quite expensive. Hence, it would be best to get an accurate estimate from your dentist and contact your insurance company to ensure that the financial aspect is sorted out. Visit Here: Dr. Gerald Regni, DMD

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