Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Services Offered By A Cosmetic Dentist In Philadelphia

What exactly are the services that you get from a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia? There is an array of dental treatments that you can get from these dentists whether it is a corrective therapy or enhancing the aesthetics of your teeth. Besides chewing food, teeth are an important part of your face and determine the way you look and talk. People with shiny and white teeth are more confident about conversations and discussions. Yellow stain on the teeth is something that you always abhor. While a glittering smile is what you crave for, a missing tooth and stained teeth are enough to lower your confidence. However, when you suffer from teeth problems, you got to take a look at the treatment procedures of cosmetic dentists.
Removing stains from the teeth

Your teeth often lose its color and shine, and you want to get make it white and shiny. Consuming food and beverages and not taking proper care of teeth are primary reasons that cause this problem. In addition to this, chewing tobacco, smoking and alcohol consumption are some of the other reasons for discoloration of teeth. There are various teeth whitening procedures that help in restoring the brightness of teeth and removes the unpleasant yellow stains. When you visit a Cosmetic Dentist Philadelphia, you can get advice regarding the teeth whitening technique that you require for getting back the shine on your teeth.

Treatment for damaged teeth

Do you have cracked and chipped teeth? People with brittle teeth need to get treatment from a Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia. Veneers are used for this purpose and they are usually made from porcelain. However, veneers do not work for extremely damaged teeth. The cosmetic dentists also use crown for the treatment of cracked teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin and placed on the front of the teeth that are uneven and crooked. No anesthesia is required for carrying out this procedure. Dentists use crowns and caps to restore the normal shape of the teeth.  It is a time-consuming process and lasts longer than veneers.

Bonding treatment for teeth

A Cosmetic Dentist Philadelphia uses bonding for filling the gaps between teeth and for changing the color of your teeth. When you notice strange and unusual gaps between teeth and food particles sticking in there, you must visit a cosmetic dentist for getting proper treatment. However, this treatment is also applicable to teeth that have just started decaying. What is this treatment? Bonds are materials that look similar to the actual color of the teeth. When these fillings are placed between your teeth to cover the gaps, you get back the original shape of your teeth. Dentists often use this procedure for covering discolored teeth.

The contouring process

This is a procedure that helps in correcting crooked and overlapping teeth. Dentists also use this technique for rectifying chipped or uneven teeth. The contouring technique is used for changing or altering the shape and size of the teeth. 

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